Enhance Cross-cultural, Executive and Senior Team Results

Supporting leaders in simultaneously honoring their personal values, beliefs and native leadership norms while adapting them to more effectively lead and collaborate within and among disparate organizational and geographic cultures

In today’s global business environment, it is common to have highly successful leaders from around the globe entering, leading and partnering within organizational and across geographic cultures not their own. Success of these leaders can be threatened if they are not aware of how their own culture, values, beliefs and leadership norms vary from those of their colleagues and therefore affect their own effectiveness.

Contact us to give your leaders the opportunity to raise their awareness, gain the knowledge, skills, agility, and concrete strategies to accelerate and enhance their effectiveness.

Unleash the Collaborative Power and Impact of Functional Leader-experts in Cross-functional Management Committees and at the Executive Table

Guiding and supporting functional leader-experts in expanding their strategic organizational understanding, rebalancing their focus and strengthening their ability to listen, partner and influence at this critical level

Leaders more often than not are promoted to the senior levels based on a proven track record of wisely leveraging their functional expertise. These individuals are extremely well regarded for the ability to provide swift, ‘yes-no’, ‘good-bad’, ‘right-wrong’ guidance and decisions. Once at the senior, organizational level, however, these same individuals are expected to re-calibrate thought processes and input, balancing their functional knowledge and perspectives with those of their colleagues, collaborating in a new way and working in alignment with the overall business vision and objectives.

Contact us to support your leaders in transitioning from powerful, functionally focused to strategic, organizationally focused leaders. We will work with them individually and with the teams in which they are members to create the strategic productivity and performance you seek.

Support Your Newly-appointed Senior Executives

Helping leaders accelerate and broaden their understanding of key business needs and the environment in which leadership will be exercised, including exploring and addressing the diverse expectations of their superiors, peers, direct reports and others

We see this all around us. Leaders who are new to the senior levels of organizations are expected to immediately shift their focus, deepen their knowledge and contribute to the broader organization. Working with these leaders to evolve and leverage leadership for greatest influence and impact can comprise a variety of services.

Contact us about the following:

New leader 360-degree interviews
Professional leadership development coaching
New leader team integration workshop and follow-up
Team evaluation and development coaching and facilitation

Prepare Succession-plan Leaders and High Potentials for Their Next Role

Creating and executing customized development plans that drive greater leadership effectiveness and prepare these individuals for their next assignment

Organizations are focusing more and more on ensuring that their leadership pipeline includes leaders ready to take on their next role. Leadership coaching plays a critical role in helping these leaders enhance self-awareness, recognize how their self-perception differs from that of their superiors, peers, direct reports and others, provides new knowledge, understanding and strategies to address these differences and helps leaders prepare for what is expected of them at the next level.

Contact us about leadership coaching that arms your leaders with the knowledge, tools and strategies to hit the ground running at the next level.

Move Your Executive Leadership Team from Good to Great

Supporting your individual leaders and the team as a whole in taking their interactions and results to the next level through advanced professional development

Designed for senior management committees and executive leadership (C-suite) teams, this program works with teams that want to advance professionally. Through due diligence, including a thorough evaluation of team member perspectives as well as, as appropriate, external stakeholder perspectives, individual and team development plans are created to address areas that challenge optimal team effectiveness. These may include strengthening trust among team members; evolving greater clarity around your mission, vision and purpose; formalizing inter-leader operating agreements, etc., all in service of fostering more efficient collaboration and heightened performance.

Contact us to learn more about how your senior leadership can increase their performance, more easily and quickly achieving the results they desire.

Leave Conflict Behind Using a Paired Conflict Management Coaching Approach

Facilitating individual and paired learning, fostering mutual respect and understanding, replacing destructive with productive conflict, fragmentation with alignment and commitment, streamlining the path to organizational outcomes

When high-impact, high-value senior level leaders have strong individual perspectives and approaches that too often conflict unproductively, it is time to bring in Sarita Felder and Associates, LLC to get these leaders back into a collaborative, business partner relationship.

Contact us to learn more about the Sarita Felder and Associates, LLC process for paired conflict management coaching.

Gain Meaningful Personal, Paired and Group Insights that Support Your Success

Helping leaders and their teams gain valuable insights that help them optimize how they navigate and produce results in their internal and external organizational environment

Leaders who climb the ladder of success often feel compelled to move forward nonstop, obviating the opportunity for both in-the-moment and after-action reflection and learning. Taking the time to engage in completion of self-assessment tools, 360-degree profiles and associated customized coaching offers a ‘quick hit’ way of stepping back, bringing fresh eyes, renewed energy and expanded strategies to the table.

Contact us to learn more about a custom program that will provide your leaders with new insights that help them drive enhanced results. Selected assessments include the following:

One-on-one, in-person 360-degree stakeholder interviews and summary reports
On-line Center for Creative Leadership Executive Dimensions and Benchmarks 360-degree stakeholder evaluations
DiSC portfolio of tools and comparison reports
Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Thomas-Killman Conflict Instrument and comparison reports
Influence Style Indicator
Workplace Big 5 tools
Breakthrough Creativity Profile
FIRO interpersonal assessments
Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Strengthen Your Team with Customized Workshop Modules Woven Together for Powerful Half-day, Whole-day and Multi-day Programs and Off-sites

Learning and growing together with dynamic, high-impact, team development workshop modules, simulations and activities

Leadership Branding and Presence that Works for You
Span Boundaries for Increased Collaboration and Results
Connect and Have Fun Through Shared Understanding
Break the Trust Barrier and Start Really Talking!
Conflict Managed Well: A Road to A Better End
Moving Along the Path: Resistance. Compliance. Commitment.
Accountability Conundrum: Whose Job Is It Anyway?
The How or the What: Where Do Results Fit In?
Listening, the Key to Connection and Shared Benefit
Storytelling: An Art and A Science Well-learned
Deepening Engagement Through ‘Play’
Rebuilding Bridges Across the Chasm
Breakthrough Creativity

Contact us to learn more about any of the above as well as how we can design custom workshops to address your specific needs.

Bring Neutrality to Your Meeting and Focus Group Facilitation

Offering a neutral party to facilitate your discussions and ad hoc research

With plentiful experience in meeting and focus group design and facilitation, we are ready to support you, as a neutral third party, in conducting a variety of discussions that drive the results you seek.

Contact us to learn more.

Smooth the Road Forward with Relaxing, Re-energizing Retreats

Supporting individual, paired and team relaxation and bonding

In the workplace today, teams are racing to get everything done. Overwhelmed and sometimes exhausted, these teams almost never take time to kick back and relax… together. Our custom-built, intimate, restful and restorative retreats are designed for small groups of individuals who wish to take time to reflect, share, refresh and reinvigorate, returning to home and work with increased focus and direction.

Let’s talk about how your small group can benefit from this type of highly enjoyable, contemplative and re-directing experience.